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As reported by the Buffalo News, Legionnaires’ disease is making a comeback ( This deadly illness has been linked to two deaths so far in Niagara County, New York, and it may be linked to a neighborhood hospital’s cooling tower.

A severe form of pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease is usually contracted when someone inhales Legionella pneumophila, a bacteria found outside and in water systems such as hot tubs, according to the Mayo Clinic ( If you’re not on top of water maintenance in your property, you’re running the risk of an outbreak, so here’s what you need to do.

Hot tubs

Your hot tub can become a hot bed for the bacteria responsible for this dangerous and deadly disease. Have any hot tubs or spas on your properties periodically inspected by health officials, and also check pH and disinfectant levels twice a day. Schedule periodic tub cleanings, scrub any biofilm off of the sides, and follow the filter replacement rules set by the manufacturer of your model.


Make sure the staff responsible for your pools has the proper training to keep the pool sanitary and safe. If they don’t, you can either send them to pool/spa operator classes that have been certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation or outsource the job to a company with experienced workers (

Water heaters

Check your water heaters occasionally to make sure the temperature is at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature lower than that may give the bacteria a chance to grow. If you’re having trouble keeping a heater at the right temperature, inspect it yourself or have a professional come in.

Water lines and cooling towers

Water lines that aren’t used too often should be regularly flushed out so any bacteria present doesn’t get the chance to thrive. If you have a vacant unit, run the hot water at full blast for about two minutes on occasion to kill off any bacteria that has accumulated.

Cooling towers call for extra care because these are essentially open pools with warm standing water. Any towers on your property must be professionally cleaned and sanitized at least twice a year.

Legionnaires’ disease is a serious public health threat that can harm your tenants and your business. Stick to a regular schedule with your water maintenance and make sure you hit all the relevant spots to protect your residents and your properties.

Use Property Inspect to ensure you’re regularly and accurately recording property inspections and documenting issues, regular inspections can reduce the risk of a threat occurring to your tenants.

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