Your Safety Checklist

March 6, 2017

As a landlord or property manager, you’ve got to ensure your tenants’ safety at all times. When you’re doing your typical inspection, use the following safety checklist to make sure everyone living in your property stays safe. Gas and electrical systems Once a year, check all flues, pipes and appliances that use gas. Malfunctions that […]

As reported by the Buffalo News, Legionnaires’ disease is making a comeback ( This deadly illness has been linked to two deaths so far in Niagara County, New York, and it may be linked to a neighborhood hospital’s cooling tower. A severe form of pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease is usually contracted when someone inhales Legionella pneumophila, […]

Whether you’re remodeling your rental property unit to increase its value or because it’s outdated and needs repair, planning ahead is a must. Without research, forethought and the right approach, you can end up over budget and unsatisfied by the time you’re done. Don’t put decisions off When you’re in the midst of a home […]

A fire in your property will cost you financially and may have tragic consequences for your residents and tenants. While fires can sometimes happen because of circumstances no one can foresee, there are some common causes that are easily avoided. When you’re doing your regular property inspections, here is what to be on the lookout […]

Tenant inspections are a vital part of any solid plan to keep a property in good condition. Bad tenants can do an incredible amount of damage over time, and even good tenants might fail to report conditions in your units that could lead to big repair bills if they are not immediately addressed. If you […]

As a landlord, you may not always have the time or access to conduct a thorough inspection of your rental units. While you shouldn’t cut corners in this area, you can save yourself some time during peak busy periods by honing in on the four main inspection areas in which you are most likely to […]

Despite the increasing popularity of software, apps and other electronic ways of doing things, some people are still carrying out property inspections on paper. While paper was the time-honored approach, it actually has significant drawbacks when compared to the digital inspection method. Keep reading to discover just how doing inspections on paper could cost you. […]

All fuel-burning appliances in your property produce carbon monoxide (CO), including gas furnaces. Normally, the gas is carried out of your home, but sometimes things go wrong and you can end up with a dangerous leak. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, CO leaks can lead to poisoning that causes flu-like symptoms […]

Just like novice home buyers do not always understand the importance of pre-purchase home inspections, many novice investors think they can get by without move-in inspections, periodic inspections, drive-by inspections, and move-out inspections of their rental properties. It only takes getting burned one time by a renter who leaves the property in a mess or […]

Keeping Your Brick Beautiful

October 16, 2016

Brick is a timeless look. It’s also durable and can even increase the resale value of a property. With normal weather conditions and the right maintenance, bricks can last for decades. It’s not hard to keep your brick looking its very best unless you’ve failed to give it proper attention. Brick is vulnerable to moisture […]

Real estate investors and property managers must conduct periodic inspections of their properties. Surprisingly, many property owners do not take this step. Failing to conduct each of the four basic types of property inspections will certainly result in unexpected costs and a loss of revenue. It can also leave property owners vulnerable to legal damages. […]

Everyone knows you’ve got to inspect a property when you’re a buyer. After all, no one wants to be the new owner of a money pit. What about the seller? The Pre-listing Inspection is becoming more and more common, and they’re not a bad idea. It’s all too easy to glance around your property and […]

Finding and locking the perfect property at the right price is a great feeling. The seller has taken your offer, and the next all-important step is the pre-purchase inspection. Like having a mechanic look under the hood of that new car you want before you buy, the buyer’s inspection is the time you get to […]

Smoke alarms save lives in your properties. The National Fire Protection Association says that having properly installed and working smoke alarms cut the chances of death for those inside a property when a fire breaks out in half. To make sure you’re getting the most out of these life-saving devices, check out the following four […]

As a landlord, you’re bound by state, local and even federal laws. Not following those rules could land you in a heap of trouble, so check out the following four common legal mistakes landlords sometimes make. Disregarding your tenant’s right to privacy Tenants have a right to privacy, so you can’t enter the rental unit […]