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Partnership to better enable the long-term health of senior care residents and the facilities they live in.

CHICAGO, 30th March 2023 – Property Inspect, the award-winning property inspection and operations app, is pleased to announce its integration with PointClickCare Technologies, a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights at every stage of the patient healthcare journey. 

The integration marks a significant step forward for the senior housing industry as it will further enhance the efficiency and safety of senior living facilities by streamlining the work of operation teams and senior housing providers.

The senior housing industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, particularly following the pandemic. With senior living facilities housing some of the most vulnerable members of our society, it’s essential that these facilities are regularly inspected to ensure they meet safety standards and residents are receiving quality care. 

Together, Property Inspect and PointClickCare can help to reduce the time and resources required to conduct inspections, making the process more efficient and effective while adding accountability and transparency to facility operations.

Ray Costello, Director of US Sales, Property Inspect, comments:

“Compliance is an important part of senior housing, so our innovative approach to streamlining and automating senior housing operations is designed to enhance compliance at every level, giving caregivers and staff access to tools for effective collaboration, communication and insight. 

“Through the app, senior housing providers are able to document unit conditions and track/manage maintenance issues, allowing for swift identification and resolution of hazards and maintenance issues. Senior care facilities can now be confident in their compliance while at the same time ensuring the safety and comfort of their residents, improving productivity and mitigating the chance of error.”

Chris Beekman, Director of Marketplace, PointClickCare, comments:

“Helping our clients manage and improve patient and resident care is our core focus. With the help of our Marketplace Partners, like Property Inspect, we are continuing to expand our suite of integrated offerings to support that mission.” 

To learn more about how Property Inspect is helping senior care providers streamline property operations, in our pointclickcare integration


About Property Inspect

Property Inspect provides property inspection and operations software for a range of real estate markets in compliance, facility management, property inspection management and more. Property Inspect streamlines property operations and improves the lives of people that manage facilities and buildings. Through workflows, audits and assisted scheduling, together with online and offline training and support, Property Inspect provides the complete package for Senior Housing, Independent Living and Assisted Living industries.

About the Integration Features

Import facilities: The integration enables the importing of facilities into the platform. Floors can be assigned as units, with rooms and beds as subunits. This enables care providers to precisely track every area of the facility, such as the provision of beds so that they can be inspected in an organized, systematic manner.

Import room data: Under strict data-security protocols, there is an option to import room details for any maintenance requirements. This enhances the clarity of data, giving facilities and maintenance teams precise information about the rooms so they can judge the best course of action for delivering repairs or maintenance safely and efficiently.

Import calendar: The integration allows for the easy importing of calendar events, so PointClickCare users can easily assign inspections to times and dates across both platforms. This facilitates simplified data transfer for calendar events that require an inspection of a room, floor or facility.

Reporting: Users can have their report pulled back into the PointClickCare platform, which can be attached to a patient or facility record after the inspection is marked as complete. Syncing reports in this way maintains a concise, up-to-date record of all inspections of the room, affording further context and clarity in PointClickCare’s software

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