Property Inspect: the perfect solution for standardized HUD inspection reports.

The HUD Exchange is an online platform for providing program information, guidance, services, and tools to HUD’s community partners, including state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, Continuums of Care (CoCs), Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), tribes, and partners of these organizations.

All HUD funded programs require standardized inspections of properties. Municipalities require the correct documentation in place to be able to release funds. Most HUD funded programs rely on costly paper processes with handwritten notes and individual pictures that are very time-consuming. Property Inspect cuts the time and cost of HUD inspections including the new NSPIRE templates, in half while increasing landlord accountability through photographs and videos.  Property Inspect also provides tenants with more choice and voice.


What are the benefits of adding inspection software to your municipality

✔️ HUD templates including NSPIRE, REAC, HQS, HCV and many more!

✔️ Landlords, property managers, tenants and inspectors can conduct inspections through an App on their phone or tablet and include date/time-stamped photos.

✔️ Action items and repairs can be identified and assigned to be completed prior to certification and tenant move-in.

✔️ Inspection reports are immediately available to multiple users for review and certification.

✔️ Shortens inspection and certification time so tenants can move in faster.

✔️ Reduce administration, property onboarding times and tenant management.

✔️ App-based technology instead of paper checklists.

✔️ Audit trail and records for every property inspected provide effortless compliance.

If you receive HUD funding and want to reduce the amount of time it takes to inspect and certify housing units to prevent homelessness and eviction, Property Inspect is the affordable solution. We look forward to customizing our HUD inspection templates and processes to meet the needs of your local requirements.

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