Property Inspect: the perfect solution for standardized HUD inspection reports.

The HUD Exchange is an online platform for providing program information, guidance, services, and tools to HUD’s community partners, including state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, Continuums of Care (CoCs), Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), tribes, and partners of these organizations.

Part of the HUD funding process includes standardized inspections of properties. Municipalities require the correct documentation in place to be able to allocate funding. Costly manual processes with hand-written notes and individual pictures to take and store; is a very time consuming process. Property Inspect cuts the time and cost of mandated inspections in half. Using our database adds layers of landlord accountability and audit trails never seen before, while also providing tenants with a voice in regards to their living conditions.

What are the benefits in adding inspection software to your inspection process?:

✔️ Enable the property manager to carry out a self inspection via a simple to use template including adding date/time referenced pictures.

✔️ Enable the home inspector to attend the property and complete the required template fields, add pictorial evidence and action points.

✔️ Ability to assign actions for issues to be identified and then assigned for work to be completed on the property prior to the tenant taking up occupation.

✔️ Certify and document rental properties at scale.

✔️ Reduce administration, property onboarding times and tenant management.

✔️ Use App-based technology instead of paper checklists.

✔️ Store full historical logs and timelines for effortless compliance.

If you are a municipality that receives HUD funding and are looking for a way to automate outdated inspection processes, Property Inspect is the affordable solution to automate your property processes in one central location. Our template library may already have the template you are looking for or templates are easily designed around your local requirements.

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