Property Inspect Features

Property Inspect is the most advanced and sophisticated property inspection software on the market. Take a look at some of its key features below:

Access Anywhere

Access the Property Inspect platform from any location on any device with a browser, including PC, Mac, or get our mobile apps for Android and iOS tablets and smart phones to complete reports without the need for any mobile data or Internet connection.

Property Inspect  offers rich property reporting facilities to produce professional property inspections, move ins, move outs and periodic visits.

Portable and Offline Reporting

Produce reports in a browser or on-site using our mobile property inspection apps for Android tablets and smartphones, iPads and iPhones, without the need for an internet connection.

Property Inspect gives you the tools to produce reports faster, and have reports completed, signed and uploaded for clients the moment you leave the property.

Global Dictionary

Add your commonly used terms and phrases to your dictionary pre-filled with hundreds of rooms, items, conditions and descriptions.

Property Inspect will suggest descriptions and conditions as you produce reports, speeding up data entry and making it so you don’t have to try and type every single letter while you’re in the field.

Pre-Set Templates

Create unlimited report templates to load or pre-load into new inspections, allowing inspectors to work from your format and dive straight into capturing conditions in the field.

Finish reports with the least amount of repetition and shorten time spent in the property.

Inspections Get Faster and Easier Everytime

When you inspect a property for the first time with Property Inspect, you’ll customize your checklist for that specific property. Once you have done that one, Property Inspect will remember the customizations you make so you never have to do it again – saving you time and energy in the field.

In addition, Property Inspect tracks revisions over time allowing you to compare and make changes to the original reports in the field quickly and easily.

Property Inspect stores all report history throughout every tenancy lifecycle, reducing the potential for lost tenancy deposit claims.

Web Based Reports

Grant clients access to view reports online instantly, share reports with tenants and landlords via a private URL, print, or save as PDF.

Reports are automatically generated and numbered, with photos referenced and optional notes, disclaimers, declaration and terms appended.

You can even capture tenant, inspector and landlord signatures right inside the browser. Now instead of sending, printing, signing, scanning and sending back reports (which is a huge hassle for tenants and leads to a long time waiting to get reports back) they can simply sign in the browser using their mouse.

Digital Signatures

Capture inspector, landlord or tenant signatures on the app (if the parties are present during the inspection) or via the browser (completely eliminating the need to send, print, sign, scan, and send back traditional reports) using a mouse or Stylus pen.

Eliminate the need for paper based reports forever.

User Management

Create accounts for clients, inspectors and property managers, sending each their own user login details to access your system with strict security permissions to only see what they’re allowed to.

Schedule inspections and delegate them amongst your inspectors and managers on the fly, providing them online and mobile access to get inspections done, and have them instantly filed, organized, and stored in the cloud for easy access across your entire organization.

Realtime Notifications

Monitor activity across all your inspectors/property managers, clients and inspections in or out of Property Inspect with browser and desktop notifications.

Track your team and view reports the moment they are marked complete with convenient emails and alerts.

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Going Enterprise?

Property Inspect comes with additional power tools on the Enterprise plan, including custom designed reports with your company branding. The following are some of the advanced features included with Enterprise:

Custom Branded Reports

Personalized cover pages designed to match or upgrade your existing reports.

Fully branded and styled throughout to your corporate identity, giving you unique and beautiful reports that will impress your clients and make your new client presentations even stronger.

Better Calendar Management

Manage calendars in a way that suits you. With month, week, day and list-view for Inspections, Enterprise users also get to see all their inspector’s calendars at a glance, including holidays and existing bookings.

Find where the gaps are in your team’s schedule, so you can plan visits more effectively and make your team as efficient as possible.

Inspector/Property Manager Availability & Holidays

Set available working hours, geographic radius and holiday periods for your team. Allow inspectors to book holidays and personal appointments themselves for manager review.

Property Inspect stores who’s available, when, and where, making it easy to select the best person for the inspection you’re trying to schedule.

Assisted Scheduling

Property Inspect’s Enterprise Scheduler uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the best person for the job, based their availability and proximity to their last known location.

Inspectors can set their own availabilities in their Property Inspect calendars, and can also their the geographical regions they’re willing to do inspections in, allowing you to select the ideal inspector for the job the first time.

View inspector calendars at a glance so you know how to effectively plan work throughout the day, week and month.

Custom Report Settings

Customize reports differently for different inspection types, on a one-by-one basis, or even create new defaults for a specific individual client/landlord.

Set header and footer options, page orientation, photo placement and a whole host of other settings with a couple of clicks AND see a live preview of what the report will look like with the changes.

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Interested in White Label?

Re-skin Property Inspect with your company logo and branding, hosted under your domain URL with alerts sent from your own email address.

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