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SAHITA has teamed up with Property Inspect to produce inspection templates for SAHITA graduates which mirrors the certified SAHITA inspector training that incorporate South African building practices, building regulations and standards. 

Two inspection templates will be immediately available to SAHITA graduates. 

“The fact that your account comes preloaded with not only the templates but also all the related dictionary phrases, represents a huge benefit for SAHAITA graduates, saving them weeks and weeks of work creating their own. Also, they have been compiled by leading experts in the field of building inspections” says David Hutchison of Property Inspect. 

SAHITA has also negotiated a significant discount for the Property Inspect software.

John Graham, Principal of SAHITA, has welcomed the partnership with Property Inspect which will enable SAHITA-trained home inspectors to quickly, comprehensively and accurately produce inspection reports on existing buildings.

The first SAHITA-designed templates to launch on the Property Inspect platform are: 

  • The SAHITA Detailed Template for Existing Buildings
  • The SAHITA Short Template for Existing Buildings

Both of these templates provide inspectors with a practical software tool to inspect existing buildings in accordance with the content of the detailed SAHITA online building inspector course. The curriculum for this course aligns with the QCTO-approved curriculum for a National Building Inspector Qualification.  

The SAHITA templates are available exclusively to SAHITA graduates. 

Features of this new inspection tool include:

  • The ability to quickly capture data onsite, using a smartphone or other handheld device.   This data includes images, “smart text” and custom remarks regarding any component, or installation in almost any South African building.
  • The smart text dictionary, which is built-into the software, contains virtually all materials and conditions which the inspector may find during the inspection.  This smart-text dictionary covers more than 1 500 brief descriptions of materials and typical conditions (defects).   The dictionary is organised systematically so the inspector can quickly and easily select relevant text on the inspector’s device.  Graham explains that this unique smart text dictionary acts both as a “checklist” for the inspector to ensure that the inspection covers every required aspect of the building and also provides accurate references to SANS 10400 and other national building standards.   The smart text facility also reduces the possibility of spelling and grammar errors and facilitates the production of a comprehensive, accurate and professional report in the shortest time.
  • With every inspected item, the inspector also has the opportunity to input customised comments so as to address any unusual or unique feature of the item being inspected.
  • Graham says the Property Inspect software is exceptionally user-friendly. “It allows the inspector to “swipe away” items not relevant to the particular inspection, to copy additional rooms or areas of the property, and to review and edit the inspection data on a PC if the inspector wishes”.
  • Invoice clients for completed jobs directly from the Property Inspect system. 

The SAHITA-Property Inspect software is available now to SAHITA graduates by monthly subscription for only R950 pm. The usual Property Inspector monthly subscription is R1350 pm for a professional account, representing a discount of 30%!  

Inspectors, using the SAHITA templates, also have the freedom to brand their reports with their own company logos and to adapt the original SAHITA templates to suit their own requirements. Inspectors can also add their own templates and add additional inspection types. SAHITA will soon be adding additional templates covering new building work and snag inspections.

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