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At Property Inspect, one of our goals is to support the digital transformation of the property industry. This is why we champion digital tools that make the work of property professionals safer, smarter and more efficient.

We believe that the effective and secure capture, storage and transfer of information is crucial in making the property professions better for all involved – whether that’s through the use of our award-winning property inspection software or our wider ecosystem of digital solutions powered by cutting-edge APIs, cloud technology and industry-spanning partnerships.

However, our ultimate aim has always been much more than helping property professionals take the leap from paper-based processes to digital tools – we want to enable a mindset shift that puts new technologies at the heart of all things property.

For that reason, automation, integrations and security are a foundational part of our software, enabling the speedy and secure capture of information in surveying, commercial property, electrical safety, and much more.

Although taking a digital-first approach to our work in the field and the office saves time and improves consistency, above all it creates auditable digital records that help ensure compliance at every level, boosting transparency and consistency at the same time – something that is becoming increasingly important as we undergo changes to the way we work.

Digital tools for building safety, maintenance, efficiency and compliance

While it’s true that the pandemic accelerated the use of digital platforms in the property professions, the biggest change that occurred was in the way we worked.

Remote and hybrid working altered the very nature of work, so the very best property professionals sought digital solutions to their challenges so they could remain competitive and, more importantly, operational.

As a result, many exciting innovations have come to the fore over the past few years, while the more resilient long-standing solutions have found new life by supporting property professionals as never before.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with many innovators pushing the boundaries of proptech, helping tradespeople, building owners, surveyors, developers, facilities managers and more digitise and streamline their role in key areas like building safety, maintenance, efficiency and compliance. Let’s take a look at some of the best solutions on offer.


Digital tools property fixflo

Fixflo is a smart building repairs and maintenance management platform founded in 2013 by former property lawyer Rajeev Nayyar and CTO Duncan Careless. Noticing the pains of being both a tenant and a landlord, Rajeev realised that there was a real need for software that helps agents, landlords and tenants to communicate. Only three short years later, Fixflo became a market-leading repairs and maintenance reporting software, serving lettings agents and other property professionals around the world.

Since then, Fixflo has gone on to scoop numerous awards for its service, which has expanded into block management, build to rent, student accommodation and retail. Though the nature of work varies from sector to sector, Fixflo’s premise is simple – occupiers use Fixflo to report repairs online through a white-label portal, providing all the relevant information to the duty holders for rapid diagnosis and repair.


Digital tools property infraspeak

Infraspeak, not unlike Fixflo, is an award-winning maintenance management platform. However, Infraspeak primarily focuses on commercial maintenance, such as facilities management, hospitality and healthcare. The Infraspeak platform connects teams, facilities, software and hardware, providing valuable insights and powerful automation to optimise and streamline operations.

Facilities management has undergone significant changes in recent years. As buildings and assets become smarter, the level of complexity ramps up and the role of maintenance professionals becomes more demanding. Additionally, the growing emphasis on sustainability has become integral to business operations, so Infraspeak addresses this by combining cross-departmental data in one platform, giving facilities managers and building owners control over the entire maintenance operation.


Digital tools property wiredscore

Sustainability is growing in importance for businesses in almost every industry imaginable. However, in the built environment, one of the biggest contributors to global carbon emissions, sustainability has found itself at the very top of the agenda and a pressing concern for many.

Within an organisation, everybody has a role to play in driving sustainability, but implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives to minimise the impact of carbon emissions is heavily reliant on data and connectivity.

This is where Wiredscore shines, offering a framework to assess and certify smart technologies that make buildings smarter and better connected. While the use cases are varied, the clear path to improved connectivity and technology adoption that WiredScore enables fosters a more collaborative approach to sustainability, too. Many businesses have seen an increase in rental yields and long-term investment value, all while future-proofing their assets


Digital tools property future2

Commercial and corporate real estate has systems…lots of systems. They control the lights, HVAC, keycard access, security systems, building management systems and much, much more. However, to bring together all the disparate elements that make a building function efficiently, you need a Master Systems Integrator (MSI). Future2 has firmly established itself as an MSI leader, managing the integration and implementation of building technologies, data management and control systems to ensure a cohesive, connected property.

Future2 helps building owners and managers navigate the saturated proptech landscape, linking technologies like IoT sensors, energy metering, air conditioning, lighting, security, fire systems and more to create a harmonised platform that’s easier to manage, maintain and scale.

Property Inspect

Digital tools property inspect

When it comes to digital transformation, one of the first steps, and the most important, is going from paper to digital. It’s a shift that not everyone is prepared for, and one that the property industry is notoriously lagging behind on. However, implementing digital intelligence cuts operational costs by 75% – a figure that few in the property industry could say no to, surely.

One area of property that really takes time is inspections and reporting. It’s a vital part of any workday for facilities managers, surveyors, agents and housing associations, but it is often time-consuming. With pages upon pages of evidence to capture and compile, documented in granular detail so all bases are covered, it’s easy to lose track of information, misplace evidence or fail audits. The cost implications of this can be significant.

This is where Property Inspect helps, digitising every conceivable inspection and report for a wide range of industries, all in one place. Whether it’s the use of editable and customisable templates, built-in billing, scheduling site visits, recording audio or capturing photos, Property Inspect empowers property professionals with a multi-platform, feature-packed app that saves valuable time, all while maintaining a highly-detailed audit trail of all inspections and reports to ensure you stay compliant.

Looking ahead

As more and more property professionals begin to embrace digital technologies, there is a renewed sense of optimism and confidence in the industry to address the challenges it faces. Whether that’s in sustainability, compliance or building safety, the accelerating rate of digital adoption means we’re getting closer to our targets.

For our part, we will continue to innovate in the property inspection and reporting space, building bridges with a whole host of cutting-edge technologies through our partnerships and integrations, all while supporting our customers on the journey to digital transformation with features and solutions that meet their needs.

If you want to start building your tech stack and access powerful features and integrations, get in touch today.

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