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If you own or operate a business in the hospitality industry, controlling and managing pests is of utmost importance.

As we outlined in our blog, How Is Tech Transforming Pest Control in Hospitality? the failure to adequately handle pests can have dire consequences for businesses.

Poor pest management can lead to legal repercussions, a drop in food hygiene rating, loss of business, fines, irreparably damaged brand reputation, and premises closures.

How can technology help in commercial pest control?

The British Pest Control Association say that technology is the missing piece of the puzzle in many pest control approaches because it plays a fundamental role in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of professional and sustainable pest control.

“Digital tools allow pest controllers to have their eyes on the prize when it comes to controlling any pest. 24/7 monitoring provides them with a high level of detail, from a distance, meaning site visits can be made as and when required.”

Integrated pest management (IPM) software can help you proactively manage and control any potential pest outbreaks, protecting the health and safety of your customers and employees while maintaining the reputation of your business.

At Property Inspect, we’ve created a platform that enables businesses to maintain a high standard of control, prevention and management by scheduling, tracking and managing pest control measures in real-time.

Free commercial pest inspection checklist

While every commercial business will have its own way of preventing and managing pests, some sectors will require unique processes. Here are some sector-specific examples to help you get started.

For more pest inspection templates and information, click here.

Download a sample pest inspection template

Pest control checklist for Restaurants

If you manage a facility that serves food, whether it’s a fast-food restaurant, a hotel kitchen, fine dining or a school canteen, pests can carry potentially harmful diseases that could impact the health of your staff and customers.

Here’s a simple checklist to ensure you’re covering the basics. To go beyond this, we recommend you explore all the benefits an integrated pest management software like Property Inspect has to offer.

  • Check for gaps in exterior and interior walls.
  • Remove all loose food items from desks and lockers.
  • Close exterior doors to ensure pests do not gain entry.
  • Inspect drainage areas for signs of pest activity.
  • Ensure all refuse is removed from the premises each day.
  • Adequately seal any refuse bags and monitor until collected.
  • Monitor and repair any water leaks on the premises.
  • Ensure that overgrown trees are cut back from the property.
  • Appropriately rotate food stocks and regularly check their condition.

Pest control checklist for Hotels

If you manage a facility that accommodates guests, whether it’s a hotel, motel, hostel or bed and breakfast, pests can pose serious risks to the health of your staff and guests, not to mention the reputation of your brand.

Use this easy-to-use checklist to ensure you’re covering the basics. As a next step, we recommend you explore all the benefits an integrated pest management software like Property Inspect has to offer.

  • Keep exterior doors shut to prevent pest entry.
  • Keep all refuse bins covered and cleaned at all times.
  • Check moisture levels in specific areas to prevent mold growth.
  • Ensure employees are trained in identifying pests and remain vigilant in reporting.
  • Inspect all deliveries for potential stowaway pests, like rodents and flies.
  • Adequately seal off any gaps or cracks in exterior or interior walls.
  • Regularly check behind appliances for evidence of pests.
  • Clean under machinery and equipment regularly.
  • Ensure your HVAC system is working correctly.
  • Immediately clean spillages and food packaging.
  • Frequently sanitise internal and external refuse bins.
  • Set the refuse area a safe distance from the premises.
  • Regularly maintain window seals and vents in all guest rooms.
  • Install repellents on ledges and roofs to prevent birds from nesting.
  • Regularly clean and maintain drain covers.

Digital pest control checklists

Although paper checklists can help in a bind, digitising your inspection and reporting process will enable your employees to work more effectively and efficiently. 

Capturing evidence and data, storing it in the cloud for easy access, and acting on the insights across teams, sites, and organisations, will speed up your workflow and help you set a high standard in preventing and managing pests.

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