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Over the past year, our team of dedicated developers at Property Inspect have been working tirelessly to deliver a whole host of new and exciting features for 2022.

This December, we introduced one new addition to the Property Inspect suite of services each and every day leading up to Christmas, in a feature-packed extravaganza we’re calling Property Inspect Advent.

However, it must be said, we’re not developing features just for the sake of it. Each new addition to our end-to-end property inspection software is a response to an industry in need of the latest technology and solutions to tackle everyday challenges.

As we continue to develop our industry-leading web and mobile applications, it’s important that we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends. That’s why we pride ourselves on our versatility, responsiveness and tech knowledge, drawn from 40 years of experience in software development and web applications.

Ultimately, what this means for Property Inspect users is that we can pinpoint exactly what is needed and roll it out for our new and existing clients, making their workflows much more efficient and their lives easier.

So, without further ado, here’s a rundown of Property Inspect’s advent feature and announcement list.

1. Custom Inspection Types

With Tenancy Life Cycle and Inspections, create your own inspection types and categories. Your templates, delivered your way. Learn more.

2. Auto-Pilot Inspection Schedules

Have reporting tasks become a bit of a headache? Use our customised schedules, choose your frequency, pre-made templates, and assign an inspection type. Put your reports on auto-pilot! Learn more.

3. Custom Dictionaries

Our unique template builder creates bespoke dictionaries specific to your business, service or report type. Speed up data capture when out & about or at the desktop. Learn more.

4. New Number Field

Expand reporting options, capture maintenance figures, plan stock levels or forecast costs all within your account. Get ahead of the competition. Learn more.

5. Embedded Documents

Whether it’s a PDF, Word Doc or DocX, you can embed vital docs to your inspection and property reports. Stand out from the crowd. Learn more.

6. ‘First to Accept’ Bookings

Manage a large team of building inspectors? You can now set up your own booking system within the platform to enable your inspectors to accept jobs on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Learn more.

7. Live Availability

Let clients know when you’re available, avoid overbooking & adjust notice periods with a click of a button. Provide clients with their own Live Calendar feature view. Learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Property Inspect’s New Features for 2022

Easily manage your time and let your clients know when you’re available.

8. UPRN Property Passports (UK only)

Linking address data across a diverse range of systems and services facilitating greater accuracy and immediate data sharing, making finding an address even easier with Property Inspect. Learn more.

9. Disable Anonymous Commenting

Evidence is vital when managing property portfolios. Capturing comments that note issues or advise of changes for any report type is simple with Property Inspect. Learn more.

10. Settings for Business Hours

Set your availability to flex with your business & service needs. Choose a time range to provide more booking options. Switch the feature on & get your business moving. Learn more.

11. Zapier Integrations

Zapier 2.5.0 is now live! Integration with Zapier is easy as 1, 2, 3 with Property Inspect. Choose a template to create inspections, use reference fields when creating/updating a property or cancel a report. Learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Property Inspect’s New Features for 2022

Zapier joins a host of other integrations compatible with Property Inspect.

12. Export Reports to Spreadsheets

In one simple click, export data to list your report portfolio, types of property you report on, explore the data to plan resources & develop future services. Learn more.

13. New Room Status Field

Add a room status, rate or identify key issues, cleaning levels or provide a risk score for your properties. Learn more.

14. Custom Deliverable Types

As part of our custom inspection options, users can create report types, categories. Choose standalone, interim, final reports or opt for internal-use only reports. Read the guide, turn the feature on! Learn more.

15. Custom Block Presets

With our unique editor functions, customise information blocks, colour code & save as report options & templates. Build beautifully simple reports & enhance your service options. Learn more.

16. Copy Report Structure

Templates just got even simpler with Property Inspect. Copy previous report structures with or without content & build bespoke reports or create new templates fast! Learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Property Inspect’s New Features for 2022

Templates add efficiency and consistency to your workflows.

17. Media/3D Tour Block

Showcase the property, wow your clients & provide flexible, bespoke reports with Property Inspect. Media blocks enable full-width images, video, 360 footage & URL links. Learn more.

18. Embed External Data

With our latest feature, import data from third-party software and APIs. Add live weather conditions, building sensors, land registry data and a whole lot more. Learn more.

19. Auto-Send Action Reports & Checklists

Manage actions raised on completed inspections. Create custom action reports, add prices, notes, mark actions as complete & auto-send to teams & key managers. Learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Property Inspect’s New Features for 2022

We’ve made it even easier to download and share your property photos.

20. Export/Download Photos

Our latest update provides total flexibility for accessing, downloading & sharing property photos, information or evidence, with handy auto ZIP file creation. Learn more.

21. Sync Report Data Points

Keep clients and users informed by auto-capturing specific data fields from your reports, store them against the property, and/or sync to third-party software. Learn more.

22. New Date/Time Fields

With our report editor, choose the format, list key dates, create prompts and include specific reminders. Deliver exceptional services with Advanced Blocks. Learn more.

23. Create Work Order Inspections from Action Lists

In our latest Enterprise feature, we’ve made it simple to track and schedule tasks, flag items, add follow-up actions and highlight issues. Auto-send reports to share or download as a PDF, all within the same system. Learn more.

24. Conditional Logic

In our latest groundbreaking innovation, we’re introducing conditional logic, making things a whole lot smarter. With preset questions and answers, you can showcase or hide sections in the report, set rules, triggers and actions, control data collection, reduce training and, most importantly, costs. Learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Property Inspect’s New Features for 2022

Conditional Logic is our latest groundbreaking, innovative feature!

So that wraps up our Property Inspect Advent. We’re certain that these features will bring new efficiencies to your workflows, making your day to day property inspection and reporting tasks a whole lot easier.

If you need a demo, just ask! One of our Property Inspect team members is on hand to find the best solutions for your needs and get your new year off to a flying start.

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