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In the high-stakes world of commercial property management, the responsibility to nurture a safe and secure environment is always a high priority concern. Fire safety, compliance, and the constant pressure to achieve more with less are relentless challenges from commercial property managers.

Just one oversight could spell disaster, not just in financial terms but in personal safety, too. The tragic events of Grenfell Tower still echo in our minds, underscoring the critical importance of rigorous fire safety protocols and meticulous inspections.

Every property manager faces the task of ensuring buildings are not only functional and appealing but also compliant with ever-evolving safety regulations, and the weight of these responsibilities is compounded, especially when manual processes and outdated systems slow down the critical work that needs to be done.

But what if there was a way to simplify these processes, and to make the impossible task not just manageable, but efficient and effective? Commercial property inspection software is the key.

Let’s take a look at 5 powerful features found in Property Inspect, each designed to overcome the challenges of commercial property management to make it a more streamlined, efficient, and safer process.

1. Desktop and mobile accessibility

Access from any location

Property management is fast-paced, so the ability to access tools and data from anywhere is critical. With Property Inspect, you can access full report history through the Dashboard on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, or Tablet. Whether you're in the office or in the field, you have the power to work solo or in a team, share and assign inspections among your staff, and assign work orders to contractors using your own pre-defined templates.

Mobile device capabilities

Download the Property Inspect mobile app for iOS or Android to complete reports on-site without needing an internet connection. This feature allows you to produce reports faster and have them completed, signed, and uploaded for clients or tenants as soon as you leave the property or whenever you're reconnected to mobile data or wifi. With offline mode, there’s no need to rely on a connection in the field; simply complete reports at the property offline. This ensures that your process remains uninterrupted regardless of internet availability.

2. Dashboard and reporting tools

Live dashboard

The Property Inspect live dashboard keeps a real-time timeline of all events, notifications, and property history. It alerts you instantly when something happens and provides summaries of your outstanding and past reports, ensuring you stay on top of every detail.

Template builder

Customise your own templates for different types of reports and property sizes. Use Property Inspect's range of input formats to build quick checklists or detailed reports, allowing for flexible and tailored inspections suited to the demands of the properties you manage.

Online report editing

Edit your reports right in your browser. Upload or label photos, rearrange your report, highlight issues, or make addendums once reports have been delivered. This feature ensures that your reports are always accurate and up-to-date.

3. Enhanced client features

Client logins

Give your clients clarity with their own login, allowing them to add properties, book appointments, and view report history all from the platform. This feature offers clients and third-parties a more personalised and transparent service without the extra administration.

Direct online bookings

Accept appointment bookings directly from your clients through secure booking forms. Control availability and booking restrictions so you don't get overbooked, providing a seamless scheduling experience for your clients.

Custom reports

Choose from numerous options on what should be on your reports, how they’re laid out, what features are enabled for readers, and more. With Property Inspect, you can customise everything about your reports, even opting for a completely bespoke design with your own branding for added brand awareness.

4. Integration and workflow management


Set up specific integrations with third-party software and CRMs to give your clients a more efficient service. These integrations ensure that all your systems work together seamlessly, improving overall efficiency for everyone involved.

Custom workflows

Automatically transfer reports to office staff for review or directly to landlords/tenants to view online. This feature can be configured on a per-user basis, ensuring that everyone involved in the inspection process is kept informed and up-to-date.

Work orders & tasks

Log cleaning and maintenance issues or organise replacements for items such as sensors or smoke alarms. Checklists can be created to easily mark the task completed, notifying key staff or contractors automatically.

5. Reporting features

Interactive, secure reports accessible online

Property Inspect delivers digital reports instantly to the right people. You can view some sample reports like Commercial Property Inspection, Block Management Inspection, Fire Risk Assessment, and RICS Home Survey – Level 1, here. If you have an existing report design, Property Inspect can match it!

Embedded photos and videos

Enlarge and zoom into photos, playback video right within your report, and jump between bookmarks. This interactive feature ensures that all visual evidence is easily accessible and viewable by all relevant parties.

360 tours and videos

Automatically display panning 360-degree photos and videos within your web reports and media gallery, allowing users to interact with panoramic views. This feature enhances the detail and clarity of your property reports.

Embedded digital signatures

Capture signatures directly from tenants, clients, and third parties, either in-person or remotely. This feature ensures that all necessary approvals are documented and easily accessible.

Make better decisions with commercial property inspection software

In the realm of commercial property management, property managers are tasked with a monumental responsibility – safeguarding people and properties while juggling a range of tasks that require precision and efficiency.

This is where commercial property inspection software becomes indispensable. Integrating powerful features like comprehensive dashboards, mobile accessibility, advanced workflow management, and cutting-edge reporting tools, helps you overcome the day-to-day challenges of property inspections into streamlined, manageable processes.

Property Inspect empowers property managers to act swiftly, maintain rigorous safety standards, and build transparent communication among all stakeholders, ensuring that our commercial buildings are safe, compliant, and efficiently managed.

Learn more by booking a personal demo to see how it can work for you.

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