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We love software here at Property Inspect. More importantly, we love connecting with property professionals and helping them achieve more efficiency, saving time & costs and empowering businesses with great technology to manage their properties.

Whether that’s managing a portfolio of properties day-to-day, conducting detailed home inspections or property reports, to providing great solutions for commercial real estate including, Facility Management, surveys & valuations, to the Hospitality sector and many more. Our property software is the perfect solution to suit many of the Industries we operate in.

The adoption of tech into businesses over the past 18 months have rocketed and it’s no surprise that companies are looking to streamline systems, reduce admin times & costs, digitizing & automating processes and more.

Proptech is at the heart of rapid growth in the real estate market and we would love to show you how we can help your business.

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What is Property Inspect?

Property Inspect is a unique cloud based system and mobile app for scheduling, producing and managing inspection and property reports. It is relied on by thousands of property managers, service providers and inspection businesses to increase efficiency, reduce risk, save money, increase response times, quickly handle disputes and stay compliant.

Who is the software for?

Our software caters across several property industries for all property professionals. Whether you manage properties in residential rental, commercial or residential real estate to compliance, health & safety, Our software is packed full of features designed with all real estate professionals in mind.

Our templates are customisable in terms of layout, item order, and format. Select and adapt templates to suit your business from our built-in Template Library, or build your own templates from scratch.

Customise workflows, user permissions, geofenced regions, report layouts, automated communication, integrations and so much more.

See how our software can help your business or industry.

What are the key features?

Property Inspect packs a ton of value to increase productivity, reduce admin, aid compliance and safeguard your assets.

Some include:

  • Customisable templates 
  • Video recording
  • Live calendars & diaries 
  • Pricelists & invoices
  • Online report editing
  • Offline report App
  • Client login
  • Instant report delivery
  • Live Inspections

Explore some of the powerful features available on our features page, once registered you can customize your account to enable only the features you need.

How much does Property Inspect software cost?

Our software is based on a SaaS subscription model with 4 price packages to suit your business depending on the size of your property portfolio, from as little as 666 rand per month. See our pricing page for more details and start your free 14 day trial.

We even offer a White Label service to fully brand and package our software to your business, and many addons to help aid you run your business effectively.

What integrations does Property Inspect support?

We offer a full, extensive and public API for integrations with third-party software vendors and apps. As such, we have numerous integrations with property management CRMs and solution-based products, and customers can benefit from enhancing their existing software with the features provided by Property Inspect.

We integrate with known calendars, accounting software, property management software, document storage and more.

Use our RESTful Developer API to push and fetch data between Property Inspect and your own internal systems.

What remote services does property inspect offer?

Property Inspect Live Inspections enables you to remotely inspect a property, record condition and diagnose maintenance issues, minimising travel, reducing costs, and supporting shielding tenants with contactless, virtual inspections via our Live Inspections App which feeds straight to the Property Inspect dashboard.

With our self-service option, you can assign property inspection reports directly to residents or clients to complete your pre-defined forms with simple, customisable templates for Rental Inspections, Health & Safety and Contactless Move Outs included.

Have any questions about how our software can fit into your business, or want a full customizable demonstration? Book A Demo today at your convenience.

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