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Why Property Inspect?

We asked our Sales manager what he thought of Property Inspect and what makes us unique and how our software could benefit customers.

All sales people will tell you that their product is unique and the best in the market, but there are some genuine reasons why people describe Property Inspect in this way.

It is fair to say that on the face of it our product is similar to that of our competitors, we’ve all created software to produce reports, but there are 3 key reasons.

Brian Sango - Tells us why Property Inspect is different

1 The software is that the heart of a number of linked services that we’ve created.

You can use the software to create your own reports.

When you don’t have the time or the resource to create your own reports because of sickness, quarantine or holiday, you can outsource reports on a report by report basis through our network of local users. We call this WorkStreams. (A feature we are just about to launch in South Africa after its tremendous success in the U.K)

You can produce remote inspections with tenants by sending them (through the software) a simple link to create their own inspections with photos and comments.

You can even conduct virtual inspections using our unique “Live Inspection” app which is a one way video link with the tenant. You can talk through the app, see what the tenant sees through their device and (the icing on the cake), the tenant can click a button to send you a photo that automatically embeds into a report that you can type into live on the call.

Our full transcription service enables you to record voice recordings using our APP which can be sent automatically to our typing team who will type our your recordings and notify you as soon as the report is ready for you to review.

SMS (text) and email notifications to send to tenants when booking inspections or visits.

We include unlimited photos, support for 360 degree photos and optional embedded video give you flexibility in producing detailed reports

Scheduling for single users all the way up to thousands of users to automate teams in the field with calendar integrations, daily automated emailed schedules with drag and drop agendas.

We even have drone inspections available for you to order when you need an aerial inspection of a rooftop or area!

2 When comparing the same feature on Property Inspect to that of a competitor, you will find that Property Inspect gives you more control to customise a feature, to use a feature and in turn save you time, money and make your precious time more productive.

Fully customisable template library to produce the content that you want to include. Change the detail, the terminology and the detail of any of the templates we give you access to, or create your own!

Customisable drop down lists to make typing easy, one click access to the words and phrases that you want to use.

One click button to email finished reports to tenants, landlords or internal and external contacts. We record when emails are sent, we even tell you if emails have been read.

Simple commenting is another time saving feature by gathering comments from tenants and landlords online with our interactive reports.

We make investigations easy by giving you access to all your reports in one place, by flicking through photos to be able to download valuable evidence for defending disputes

3 For those businesses that create reports as an outsourced service like Inventory Clerks, risk assessors and service providers that want to deliver a checklist to confirm the service has been delivered we offer some very powerful features including:

An online booking system to accept orders direct from your clients

Logins for clients to view reports.

Price lists including invoicing and automated connections with the most popular accounts systems.

Full customisation of the system to cater for your clients needs. From templates, to price lists to the bespoke processes you need to cater for.

Client specific integrations so they can automate their internal processes with the reports you deliver.

Brian Sango - Tells us why Property Inspect is different

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