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As everyone in the real estate industry knows, whether we like it or not, property management is notoriously heavy in paperwork. Through lack of investment and innovation, long-winded processes and outdated systems have become ingrained in the industry despite no longer being best practice. 

Technological advancements over recent years have given us the power to transform these outdated practices into more efficient, digitized structures. In fact, reportedly 74% of industry members agree that the rise of PropTech has had a dramatic impact on the real estate business in the last 12 months. And as the property industry experiences this transformative tech-shift, you’ll quickly find that your company falls behind the curve if you don’t understand the value of this new software.

Taking the leap and investing in better inspection tech doesn’t just improve your own experience and productivity, but it also supports positive tenant relationships and brings your business into the modern age. Because why would you spend hours at your desk creating property reports when your time could be spent more productively elsewhere? 

If you’re skeptical or unsure of how a new piece of software could revolutionize the way you work in 2021 then the benefits of Property Inspect are sure to change your mind. 

Reduce Your Physical and Financial Resource Inefficiencies 

One of the common issues for property managers is that mandatory processes can be unnecessarily time-consuming, resulting in time being spent inefficiently – which costs you money. But what if we told you that you could cut that time spent in half? 

Property Inspect allows you to unitize fieldwork and deskwork, providing you with the resources to complete reports on-site using an unlimited amount of pre-set templates to maximize your time efficiency. Inspection professionals can dive straight into property inspection as soon as they’re on-site using an endless combination of pre-set templates and data input options. There are even additional features such as the app’s built-in audio recorder so that you won’t even need a pen. This allows for high-quality reporting without having to reformat or rewrite anything off-site. 

It’s easy to forget how financially valuable your team’s time is, so investing in methods to maximize resource efficiency should be your number one priority in 2021.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Desk, Work From Anywhere

As property inspections are naturally a very mobile job, there is a great need for your chosen software to support and encourage this mobility. The offline and portable capabilities of the Property Inspect app allow you to have your documents and reports completed, approved and signed by clients or tenants before you’ve even left the property. For many of our customers, this completely transforms their approach to work by eliminating the need for deskwork after a site visit so that your workload can be managed entirely remotely. 

You have full control of your software and can grant multi-user access to suit you. You and any of your team members or clients with permission can view the Property Inspect Dashboard from any location on any device, including PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet. As the world sees a switch to remote working, portable and mobile technology is going to be essential for gaining a competitive advantage in the industry. And of course, it will make your life a lot easier.

Minimize Paperwork, Digitize Your Documents

The paperless nature of Property Inspect is something that every individual in the industry will surely welcome with open arms. Not only is it better for the environment, but it removes the need for masses of storage and complex filing systems. In fact, last year it was estimated that the printing, maintenance and storage of physical documents costs your business an average of $80 per employee each year. A cost that could be completely avoided with the right software.

Property Inspect’s paperless nature eliminates the possibility of misplacing or forgetting about any evidence so that you’ll be confident that you always have the full picture, saving yourself time, stress and money in the long-run. Particularly beneficial in the move-in and move-out stages of a tenant lifecycle, our interactive web reports allow clients and tenants to view completed reports online instantly. They then have the ability to add their own comments and evidence so that potential disputes can be managed factually and fairly. 

This a great way to give yourself some added insurance to avoid any messy disagreements in the future which can be quite common when unclear paperwork is involved. On top of this, Property Inspect completely digitizes the document signing process as well. The online interactive web reports and Property Inspect App can capture agent, owner and tenant signatures paperless for enhanced ease of use and immediacy. 

We predict that going paperless is inevitable in the future for all businesses, so investing in technology that supports this now will mean you’re ahead of the crowd and quicker to reap the benefits.

Streamline Your Activities & Future-proof Your Investments

The streamlining functionality that Property Inspect was designed for is what makes the software and, subsequently, your company futureproof. Your account brings all of the processes that you could possibly need together in one place for optimized productivity of every element. Typically, disorganization can be considered the property industry’s kryptonite, but in 2021 there is no excuse to let poor organization be your downfall when you have access to technology designed to keep your business in order.

Property Inspect collates the entire history of every tenancy lifecycle you process, including move-in inventory, signed documents and reports, and every maintenance request or comment. This allows you to have quick access to all the information you need to manage your property, its upkeep and your tenants. It even brings together custom pricing and invoicing with the option to receive weekly exports of complete appointments so you have transparent access to your financial business health. 

You can manage your entire workflow easily from the app, helping you to achieve quick turnaround times and stay on top of your projects. You have the ability to view your own schedule and book, remind, invite, and change appointments and deadlines all in one place. You also get real-time notifications so that you can monitor everything that’s going on wherever you are, whatever device and be able to get reports where they need to go quicker than ever before.

Achieve Consistently Great Quality Reporting

If there’s one thing that Property Inspect forces you to be, it’s consistent. High-level consistency to this level is extremely hard to achieve without the features that modern software provides. If you find yourself struggling to find the right terminology in your reports or tend to repeat yourself a lot, Property Inspect’s built-in global shared dictionary can hugely benefit you. It suggests commonly used industry terms you may not be familiar with to embellish your reporting, whilst recommending useful shortcuts as you type so that reports can be done on-site quicker than ever before.

Every function of Property Inspect has been designed to fast track your reporting to become top-quality work, quicker than you ever thought possible. From preloaded templates to scheduling tools and a designated area for workflow management, Property Inspect revolves around giving you better results for less effort. You’ll be minimizing the time spent on each task which will subsequently free up your time for other potential ventures, be that personal or business-focused. In the grand scheme of things, that’s the best investment that you could possibly make in 2021. 

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