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The accreditation enables Property Inspect to deliver its leading property inspection solution to WiredScore’s global client base of landlords and building owners as they embark on their smart building journey.

LONDON, 9th November 2022 – Property Inspect, the award-winning app for property inspections and reporting, is pleased to announce that it has become one of the very first companies to join WiredScore’s roster of Accredited Solutions.

With so much of the real estate industry lacking clarity and actionable steps to implement smart technology solutions correctly, WiredScore has launched its Accredited Solutions accreditation in order to provide landlords across the globe with the tools and knowledge they need to make the transition to smarter and more efficient assets.

The accreditation, which helps solution providers like Property Inspect align their technology with WiredScore’s SmartScore certification standards, is an indication of Property Inspect’s expertise and innovation in the property inspection and reporting space.

Property Inspect can now be leveraged by landlords and developers as they work towards future-ready smart buildings by becoming SmartScore certified.

SmartScore, a scorecard designed and developed by leading landlords, occupiers and advisors, is the global smart building certification that evaluates, improves, benchmarks and promotes cutting-edge smart technology in the built world.

It can be used to assess all buildings for the outcomes and benefits of a smart building, with actionable targets that help building owners save money and resources along the way.

Arie Barendrecht, the founder and CEO of WiredScore, comments:

“We are really excited to be launching our Accredited Solutions offering to the market, to build a bridge between real estate and technology, enabling landlords and the technology solutions that serve them to connect seamlessly.”

“Since launching SmartScore – our smart building certification – in 2021, we’ve noticed that ‘smart’ continues to be an opaque subject for the real estate industry. Many continue to seek guidance on how to implement smart buildings, what solution providers to work with, and even what ‘smart’ itself means. We are confident that our Accredited Solutions offering will help to demystify how to successfully deliver a smart building.”

Warrick Swift, commercial director at Property Inspect, comments:

“We’re excited to partner with WiredScore through their Accredited Solutions program and we look forward to helping landlords and building owners take the next step in their smart building journey. We believe that smart buildings can unlock untold potential in the built environment, not just for the building owners but for occupants and society, too. That’s why we’re proud to work with WiredScore, championing cutting-edge real estate technology and delivering our leading building inspection software to those who need it most.”

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Warrick Swift

Commercial Director

About Property Inspect

Property Inspect is a global, award-winning property inspection and operations platform packed with time-saving and revenue-generating features to empower the real estate market by streamlining property operations and improving the lives of people that manage them. The company, founded in 2015, serves industries from residential & commercial real estate and housing to hospitality and retail across the globe with the goal of making every building we live and work in compliant, transparent, and safe. Through workflows, audits and assisted scheduling, together with online and offline training and support, Property Inspect provides the complete package for the real estate industry. 

To learn more about Property Inspect, book a demo or contact us to learn how we can help you produce professional property reports, periodic inspections, building audits, risk assessments & more using our award-winning inspection software.

About WiredScore

WiredScore is the organization behind the WiredScore and SmartScore certifications: the internationally recognised digital connectivity and smart building rating systems for real estate, helping landlords design and promote buildings with powerful digital connectivity and smart capabilities. For more information on WiredScore, SmartScore or to find WiredScore and SmartScore certified buildings, visit:

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